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Update on a Potential Annexation in North Golden

Those of you watching or attending the City Council’s February 25 meeting witnessed an admittedly confusing conversation about a potential annexation of a parcel of property north of the Mountain Ridge neighborhood and south of Golden Gate Canyon Road. The property owners, the Brunel family, are interested in possibly annexing their family land into the city limits in order to facilitate the construction of two additional homes for their family members. At that meeting, the Brunels expressed an interest, which many of us supported, in keeping other portions of their property undeveloped, in particular, those portions adjacent to the Mountain Ridge neighborhood. Many of you may have also received an email asserting that Council’s actions that night were intended to thwart further community discussion about this proposal. For those of you who were understandably concerned about this, I have good news to share.

  1. First, the Brunel family has not yet submitted an annexation application and Council’s actions have not committed the City to annexing the property.

  2. Second, should the the Brunels decide to submit an annexation application, there will be multiple opportunities for public input, first at Planning Commission and again at City Council.

  3. Third, I’m pleased to share with you a memo from City staff that helps to explain a number of the complicated issues involved with this potential annexation. Part of what makes this annexation unusually complicated is that the City is also interested in purchasing a small portion of the Brunel’s property to help facilitate the Golden Plan for Highway 93.

If you have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the City of Golden Planning Department at And of course, as always, all of us on City Council welcome your comments and feedback at

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