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Summary of Community Feedback about a Proposed Colorado Beer Museum


At a City Council study session in July of this year, City Staff updated Council about efforts to stabilize the structure of the Astor House and remediate the extensive asbestos contamination. Staff also brought up the idea of creating a new Colorado Beer Museum to be housed within the Astor House. City Council asked that staff gather community feedback before possibly committing City funds to conduct a feasibility study.

At the City Council study session this Thursday, October 20 at 6:30pm, staff will be presenting the results of their outreach effort. And as evidenced by this 329 page memo, the community clearly had a lot to say and Museum Manager Nathan Richie and the museum staff went to herculean efforts to capture it all. The memo summarizes the results of the survey and community presentations, as well as comments received through email and social media. It also contains comments from organizations such as the Colorado Brewers Guild, History Colorado, and the Center of the American West at UC Boulder. I urge all interested Golden residents to take a look.

If you wanted to provide your thoughts on the idea of a Colorado Beer Museum, but didn’t attend one of the presentations or complete the survey, you can still send an email to the Golden City Council at and let us know what you think.

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